Water is a precious resource and Progress Energy is committed to the responsible use of water in all its operations. This means employing technological advances and industry best practices to ensure the most efficient water use.

Progress Energy safeguards the quality and quantity of regional surface and groundwater resources through sound wellbore construction practices, by sourcing alternatives to fresh water as appropriate, and recycling water as much as practical.

Progress Energy water facts:

  • Progress Energy meets or exceeds the regulatory requirements for safe and sustainable water sourcing
  • Progress Energy recycles and reuses a significant portion of the produced water from hydraulic fracturing processes
  • Progress Energy captures water run-off in storage ponds during spring peak flows to supply water for operations
  • Progress Energy employs technological advances and industry best practices to ensure it is being as efficient as possible with water use
  • Progress Energy follows rigorous wellbore casing installation practices to protect aquifers and completes its shale gas wells approximately two kilometers below the surface, well below any fresh water aquifer
  • Progress Energy uses extensive monitoring procedures during the life of a well to ensure the wellbore`s integrity
  • Progress Energy incorporates spill management systems to reduce the risks of potential adverse environmental impacts

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