Health and Safety

Progress Energy firmly believes that effective management of environment, health and safety issues is an essential component of its day-to-day activities. Progress Energy continually seeks to improve performance to best serve the needs of the company and community. 

This means conducting economic development in a way that protects its employees while making a minimum impact on the communities in which it operates as well as the overall environment.

Through the development, implementation and maintenance of its Health Safety and Environment (HSE) Management System, Progress Energy takes a proactive approach in identifying potential HSE issues and acting in a timely manner to implement corrective procedures to mitigate these issues.

Progress Energy’s commitment to health and safety includes:

  • A contractor management program that ensures it employs highly qualified and experienced workers, operators and contractors
  • Emergency response and spill response plans for all operating areas. Plans are continually updated, and employees and contractors are well trained to deliver urgent and effective response practices
  • Continually-advancing technologies, regulations and techniques are reviewed on a regular basis to ensure safety for people and the environment