Community Investment

In 2017 Progress Energy updated its giving pillars to community well-being and development, education, and environment.

Community investment is an important part of Progress Energy’s operations. We believe that our success depends on the vitality of the communities where our employees live and work, and that we have a social responsibility to contribute to these communities. These new pillars continue to ensure that Progress Energy is able to create shared values with its communities.

The criteria for the new pillars are:

Community well-being and development
Community health – Investments contribute to the overall health of the community and encourage an active lifestyle.
Community Spirit – Investments contribute to the socio-economic development of communities. Strong support networks, cultural outlets and events help to develop identity and create a sense of unity.

Capacity Building – Investments support skills training and future workforce development.
BEST (Business, Engineering, Science, Technology) – Supporting education initiatives that focus on Business, Engineering, Science and Technology.

Conservation – Encourage stewardship of the land, water and wildlife.
Energy Literacy – Support programs that engage Canadians in environmental awareness.