Contractor Management

Thank you for your interest in becoming a vendor of goods and/or services to Progress Energy Canada Ltd.

At the core of Progress Energy’s vendor engagement strategy is an assessment of how a new vendor relationship will add value to its objectives of local engagement, engagement with local First Nations and commitment to safety:

  1. Progress Energy seeks to engage with vendors who share its commitment to safe operations whether in the office or in the field.
  2. Progress Energy has an opportunity to provide the greatest degree of economic benefit and employment as possible to those within the host communities within which it operates.  Its preference is to engage with locally owned and operated businesses which employ local area residents. This is factored into vendor selection and competitive tender evaluation criteria.
  3. Of equal significance is the goal of providing economic and employment opportunities to the five local area First Nations within whose traditional territories Progress Energy operates.  These First Nations are the Blueberry River First Nations, the Halfway River First Nation, The Prophet River First Nation, the Saulteau First Nations and the West Moberly First Nations.

Prior to engaging with a new vendor Progress Energy will seek to understand the safety, business and economic benefits which will result from the new business relationship.  As such, Progress Energy encourages new vendors to provide details about themselves, not just their product or service offering, and to illustrate how engagement with the vendor will advance its objectives.

The first step in becoming a Progress Energy vendor is to contact our Supply Chain Management Group by emailing

While this email inbox is continuously monitored – the Supply Chain Management Group will contact vendors on a selected basis.

Regretfully due to the volume of requests – telephone or personal inquiries cannot be accepted.

Following an assessment of internal need as compared to the capabilities of a specific vendor, new vendors will be invited to join the Progress Energy Approved Vendor List after they satisfy a two stage Vendor Onboarding Process.

I.              ISNetworld Registration, Connection and Ongoing Qualification
Progress Energy evaluates and monitors its contractor’s activities through ISNetworld (ISN), and to do business with Progress Energy you must maintain a passing grade of either “A” or “B” through the ISN system. Through working with ISN, Progress Energy is committed to maintaining and improving worksite safety and promoting the health and safety practices of its contractors.

Once formally invited to the Progress Energy Approved Vendor’s List a new vendor must:

  1. Sign up for an ISNetworld account at
  2. ‘Connect’ with Progress Energy via your ISN account.

The ability to successfully ‘Connect’ with Progress Energy is contingent on the invitation to become an Approved Vendor.

Unsolicited or ‘cold call’ requests to ‘Connect’ will not be accepted.

Progress Energy requires that all vendors possess and provide proof of:

  • A current and valid Certificate of Recognition (CoR), including the requirement to upload a copy of the individual scores for each element.  Failure to hold a CoR or achieve a minimum of 80% in any of the elements below may preclude you from working with Progress Energy unless a waiver and mitigation plan is developed and approved.  CoR elements include:
    • Management involvement and commitment;
    • Hazard identification and assessment;
    • Hazard control;
    • Training;
    • Incident investigation; and
    • Communications.
  • An uploaded and reviewed (RAVS) Alcohol and Drug policy that meets or exceeds Canada and Industry standards or the adoption of the Progress Energy Drug and Alcohol Policy.
  • Current and valid insurances covering the services being provided.
  • Current and valid Workers Compensation Board account.

II.              Formal Legal Requirements to Document Vendor Relationships

Progress Energy requires that all agreements for the provision of goods and/or services be in writing and documented in an appropriate form of contract.

Progress Energy requires that all vendors will be familiar with and conduct themselves in a manner that meets or exceeds Progress Energy’s internal policies and procedures as they pertain to such matters as corporate entertainment and gift giving, drug and alcohol and conflicts of interest..

Progress Energy expects its Approved Vendors to either comply with or to maintain proprietary policies that are no less stringent than the following Progress Energy policies:

All Approved Vendors are expected to monitor this website for periodic updates or amendments to policies and procedures published by Progress Energy.