OpenInvoice is a third party web based application supported by Oildex. It allows vendors to submit invoices to Progress electronically.

Benefits to our Suppliers

  • Your invoice is received by the person who needs to see it much quicker. As soon as you submit the invoice, Progress receives it instantly and it goes straight to our coder and then approver.
  • Invoice Journal provides a detailed log of activity (status and comments) relating to the invoice that you can view at any time you would like just by logging into OpenInvoice.
  • Payment information goes back directly to OpenInvoice so you will know when to anticipate the cheque
  • Any billing errors can be resolved quickly as OpenInvoice.
  • Ability to send messages within OpenInvoice relating to a specific invoice.
  • Ability to set-up Early Pay Contracts to expedite payment.

Progress pays for you to have an account set-up and to go through training as well as support after your training session.

*If you are not currently on OpenInvoice and would like to inquire about the status of an invoice, please contact*